Day One

A couple days ago we finally got my Opel moved into the garage.  It had been sitting up on blocks for about 3 years in the back yard.  It was a relatively quick process to drag it up to the driveway with another car and push it into the garage.  The tires were fairly flat and with no air compressor available it wasn’t the easiest to push but we got it done.

Today was the first day since then where I got to spend a decent amount of time with the car.  I spent a few hours vacuuming it out as a family of mice had made the spare tire area their home as well as a few spiders and just general dust.  Overall I have to say that the car is still in pretty decent condition considering it has sat in one place or another for over a decade.  After cleaning it out I checked over the air filter, carburetor and oil.  Everything looked pretty good.  I put some Stabil in the tank to help clean up any of the old gasoline that was left from the last time it was started about 3 years ago.  I didn’t have a plug wrench handy so I couldn’t check the plugs but if they look as good as the oil it might not be as much of a nitemare as I was thinking it would be to get her started and going.

Tomorrow I will be getting some air put in the tires and rolling it out to give the outside a washdown.  The battery needs a charge, if not total replacement and with any luck she may start right up.  There are some electrical gremlins in the coil area that I have to resolve but right now I’m quietly confident that it *may* go quite well tomorrow.

Here are a few pics from getting her into the garage.

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